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Rent Me is a totally new concept in Mauritius.
Rent Me proposes to rent high quality and top of the range home, gardening, leisure products and equipment to anyone looking to use them for a short period.
Indeed, our market survey showed that households who bought these type of products and equipment were using them in average ONLY 20 times in a year
The rest of the time, these products and equipment STAY IDLE, BLOCK STORING PLACE, BLOCK CASH FLOW, and requests COSTLY MAINTENANCE.
In a period of uncertainties, where all cents count Rent Me offer to households the alternative of renting their needed products and equipment, on a punctual basis, and at a NOMINAL COST.
We have set 12 categories of products: - Garden tools - High Pressure Cleaning - Vacuum Cleaning - Steam Cleaning - Ladders - Generators - Hand Power Tools - Land Leisure - Sea Leisure - Phone Back Up - Medical Equipment
All products and equipment in these categories are chosen amongst the best brands on the market and the models selected in each brand are top of the range ones.
We don't compromise on quality
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No. The photos are for illustration only and are not contractual.
We do not rent by brand but by type of equipment.
We however guarantee you the best quality at all times
In this case just give us a call and tell us your needs. We may be in a position to buy it specially for you
Yes. Same system as if you were renting a car with one of the international car rental companies.
The security deposit has been fixed at Rs 5,000.- for any type of equipment rented.
How does it go ?
When you will come at our premises for pick-up, you will have to deposit a personal or bank cheque of Rs 5,000.- drawn to the order of Rent Online Ltd.
This cheque will not be banked but kept in custody till the end of the rental period
Once the equipment is returned to Rent Me it will be checked by our technical team - and deposit cheque retuned back to you immediately if no damages noticed
You have the choice to leave your security deposit with Rent Me for further upcoming rentals
Yes. But provided we do not have a booking for it yet. So the best is that you call us to check availability for extension on 5 940 9550
Yes of course !
When you come for pick up, our staff will give you a basic training on the use of the equipment - please provide us with 5 to 15 minutes of your precious time, depending of course on the sophistication of the equipment
You will also be remitted our How to Use Rentme card summarizing instructions
And our Telephone Assistance Service is at your disposal on 5 940 9550
You call us on our Telephone Assistance Service - 5 940 9550 - If possible our staff will help you over the phone - If not you will be asked to bring back the equipment to our premises for inspection.
If equipment is defective due to our fault we will replace it with an equivalent one.
If the equipment is defective due to wrong use or else, our terms and conditions will apply
1. Original National Identity Card or Passport or Driving License
2. Proof of address ( Utility Bill less than 3 months )
3. Cheque of Rs 5,000 as security deposit.

Please note once you brought all these documents once your account will be created within our software and the next rentals wont need same
1. Because there are so many equipment that you buy and use only few times a month or a year ! One typical example: a generator ! By renting you avoid exposing your cash flow or your credit facilities !
2. Because the equipment you are buying and using scarcely eats storage space !
3. Renting an equipment also allows you to test it before buying it ! Do you know any dealer allowing you to take a high pressure washer home, test it and bring it back before buying yours ? With Rent Me you can do it and avoid disappointments by buying the wrong one !