We will be looking after you

with passion and dedication

Edouard Hart de Keating

Edouard, 55, had the idea of Rent Me and worked in collaboration with his wife Stephanie to offer this innovative service to the public. He is sitting at the back but stay present to help her in strategic moves of the company.
He is also one of the Managing Partner of Square Meters Ltd, a leading real estate developer in Mauritius, since June 2009.
He hold a Diploma in Business Management from the University of Surrey ( UK ) and boast a very strong experience in business in general

Narain Sunassee

Narain, 55, is the long time business soul of Edouard. He is the co-founder of Square Meters Ltd and its Managing Partner. Narain stands a ling experience in hospitality

Mister Tech.

Mister Tech is the one who will make sure the equipment you rent is clean, sanitized and in perfect working condition.